Artist Statement:
Though my current work I decided to delve into the deepest recesses of my own insecurities in an attempt to not only resolve them but using art as a vehicle to perhaps understand and embrace them. Although it can be seen as a ‘strength’ to keep such pre-conceived inadequacies hidden. Yet by metaphorically exposing mine in an attempt "fix" my own condition, I transformed those weaknesses into strengths by visually working through them.  I also wanted to look at how others cover or hide their flaws from others or even themselves. Through the lens of a Makeup Artist Since I've helped others do so cosmetically.  Some take it a step further do it surgically, slicing and dicing away their imperfections. At first, I used a phycological process and I dissected myself into different entities. Some I was proud of, others I felt ashamed of and kept tucked away. To manage them all I looked for any "fix"  to better "fake it till I made it." Years passed and instead of ‘making it’, my ‘fixes’ turned into deconstructive vices, becoming even more detached from my true self.  As a way back, I used this as inspiration in my work and took the opposite journey by literally unfixing everything. By pulling it apart, and arrange it back together as to find the beauty in a puzzle that didn't quite fit but can still perform together in a visual symphony. So what began as a process to ‘fix’ became a means of accepting that nothing is "fixed." We are constantly moving, evolving and there is a real beauty in the all the imperfections which makes us all interesting and unique. 

Artist Biography:
Christina Dias grew up in the suburbs of Southern California as a Portuguese-American. Her parents immigrated from Terceira Azores, where tradition and perseverance were not only valued but a way of life. She did not come from a long line of visual artists, but she inherited her passion and creativity from a few prominent poets in her family which influenced her greatly as a child. Christina’s childhood consisted of a life of fantasy with an imagination too large to house it. She believed brushes were ‘wands’ that held ‘magic’ and would empower her to use any medium at her disposal to bring her dreams to fruition. As she grew so did her arsenal of surfaces to which she could expand her vision. She became a Makeup Artist, using skin as her canvas, she transformed humans into the most exquisite creatures. However, this alchemy was fleeting and she desired something more permanent.  Christina advanced her artistic endeavors at CSULB where she achieved a BFA in Illustration with an emphasis on Graphic Design.  In the realm of traditional and digital arts, she could utilize every tool at her disposal to conceive more transcending creations.   Through her work, she aspires to share a world which all things have its own beautiful essence. Where each opposing element performs together in a dance between order and chaos. Set on a stage where the nothing is taboo. To entice the audience with their own fantasies and fears, touch their imagination and to have the honor of translating it visually if desired.
Christina currently works as a freelance artist from her studio in Paramount California. She has shown in galleries in LA, OC and San Diego and her work has been published in several group illustration publications and featured in various marketing media in the music industry. 
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